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Deborah Marynak

This outstanding and professional company is tops on my list of the companies I have worked with in my five years with Dental Staffing. Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and so willing to help me move my company forward. I'd highly recommend Epic!!

Robert Fernandez

Great themes for Big Commerce and terrific customer service. I had some issues with the initial installation and they were quick to respond and help me. Would highly recommend.

Ben B

Our marketing consult experience with Epic was productive and beneficial. Tapping into Brandon's experience in marketing will definitely inform decisions we make going forward relating to home page structure, visual indicators to encourage conversions. call to action buttons etc. For any looking to speed up their learning curve on optimizing the conversion potential of their web site, would highly recommend Epic.

Michelle Branch

I have had a wonderful experience working with epicShops. The professionalism, the quality of work, and the remarkable sense of urgency is completely unsurpassed. They have a great team that strives to perfect, and its obvious they love what they do. Thank you Brandon and Rine!

Jamie Jones

Changing my site to an Epic site was one of the best marketing decisions I have ever made. Our web presence is top notch and we have seen continual online revenue growth since day one.


Fantastic webdesign! They really work hard to learn your business and are super-fast at responding to email and phone calls. I HIGHLY recommend this team.

Jason Gidas

Brandon and his team have been fantastic to work with. We were looking for a website for our floral company that could take us to the next level, and Epic has. The increased functionality, user friendly experience, and data tracking that an Epic website offers is incredible. Thanks again to Brandon and his team for a job well done!

Kristin Eaton

Brandon has done a very good job with our website. Orders are up and it is easy to use and for us to navigate. They respond quickly to any questions you may have. I highly recommend them!

Todd Bjornson

Brandon, at EpicShops, is awesome to work with!His creativity and expertise in manipulating the world of technology took my ideas to the next level. Receiving my initial inspirational seed, adding in his own creative fertilizer, and finally allowing it to Blossom naturally on the pages.Todd Bjornson ~ Sedona AZ"In The Flow" therapeutic massageZorba's & Zuli's Chocolates

Matt Rathbone

If I could I would give EpicShops more than 5 Stars. They have great customer service and do all they can to help put our business needs first while delivering a top notch product.

Charlene and David Flowershop

This outstanding and professional company is tops on my list of the companies I have worked with in my five years with Dental Staffing. Friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and so willing to help me move my company forward. I'd highly recommend Epic!!

Beth Herman

My business has used epic shops for years and we couldn’t be happier! Great customer service and easy to work with! I highly recommend!

Jonathon B

Can't ask for a better and more responsive team to trust my online business to! Been working with Brandon and crew for MANY years now, and they just cant' be beat - I love our website and it's an extremely important part of our business.

Cherie Thomson

I highly recommend Epic Shops. The overall appearance and ‘user friendliness’ of my website has increased my website sales, which is ultimately the goal! In addition, Brandon and his team provide excellent customer service.

Georgia CBD Distributors

The Epic team of Brandon and Matt have been our lighthouse through the IT, technical and support storm. We are a struggling online CBD start-up finding few trustworthy allies like Epic. On that point, Georgia CBD is most appreciative for their availability after the sale which helps our business meet its goals.CharlesCo-Founder / CEO

Greg Turner

I chose Epic for their experience in the Floral industry. I wanted a custom site that continued our existing look but brought in the many backend features of Big Commerce. The four month process ended up taking eight but I spent a lot of time testing and getting any issues resolved before we went live. Epic worked closely with me and communicated well on fixes and time frames for everything.Only been two weeks but we have experience a significant increase in average order and Brandon has worked closely with MAS to integrate our site seamlessly. Orders come in quicker, enabling us spend less time cleaning up incoming orders.My experience was coming from Yahoo Store hosting to Big Commerce. I highly recommend you give Epic a shot but ultimately, be prepared to spend time testing your site before you go live. This extra four months allowed us to go live with very minor issues.Greg

Suzanne L. Anderson

I’m very impressed with this company. They truly care about helping people with their website needs. Great advise and support. Delightful to work with. I highly recommend having a consultation. You won’t be disappointed.

Joshua Aaron

Simply, Brandon and his team at Epic provide the finest service in existence for floral websites. Their expertise, creativity, and knowledge of what attracts customers and converts sales is second to none. If you run a florist, don't use a lame wire service cookie-cutter site! Brandon will make you more money!! I've used Epic for several years now and wouldn't consider any other option.

Terri O'Connor

epicShops has helped me grow my online business 48% over the last year. They are sincerely dedicated to my success.

Marshall Doak

We work with a lot of small businesses at the SOU Small Business Development Center and have the ability to judge what makes a company successful or not. The EPIC Team has proven themselves to be professional, responsive and truly interested in the product and client experience. I have a tendency to rate companies on a 2 - 4 basis on a 1 - 5 scale. Not with EPIC, they are absolutely great at what they do best, taking care of their clients needs. The EPIC Team gets a 5, only because that is the top of the scale. They merit extra credit also!

Kym Erickson

Looking for a website that produces results - Look no further! receive complements all the time about my website and how easy it is to navigate and how clean and polished it is. Thanks to Epic! Customer service is slow at times but For a girl that likes to do it herself - Matt is super patient with me and takes the time to explain and teach. so it goes both ways! I love that!

Patrick Rogers

We had an amazing experience with Epic. They were amazing to work with, definitely know their stuff and made quick work. They totally redesigned our marketing and social media campaigns and we are getting more clients than ever. Highly recommend.

Adam Pomerantz

These guys are the best. Brandon and his staff are always so helpful. Just finished my epic tool box training with Matt. Went so smooth. Love my new website and all the amazing features and can’t sat enough good things about the experiences I have had over the years with the Epic Team. You guys rock thanks. Adam at Belvedere Flowers!

Dental Staffing

Having started my company almost 5 years ago, I kept paying first one, then another company for SEO and marketing and getting no where. I found Epics by accident and it's the best "accident" I've ever been involved in! I'm seeing a steady growth and a steady increase in revenue and I'm very excited for the growth of my company. Dr. Deborah Marynak

Carolyn Anderson

HI Rachel! First of all, as we all get busy and don’t always take the time to say THANKS, we wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with the work you are doing and we are noticing that we are getting more traffic!Just yesterday, we added two new customers who came through our website!This week we had 6 calls from prospective customers that found us via Google and currently in discussions with the other 4 companies to quote their business!Last week we gained another large account so everything is working!We are so happy we chose you guys as a partner and excited to see where the future takes us!Sincerely, Jason and Carolyn Anderson- Anderson Pallet and Crate, Sedalia, CO

Scott Wam

AWESOME!!! Can't say enough about the experience with Epic. Customer service is KING with this team. They are very responsive and get you results right away. They can help you top to bottom with all your web, social and ecommerce needs.

Brian Joseph

Awesome websites and customer service, I have 2 websites with them and they both do exceptionally well!

Rob Cook

Epic Shops mean Epic Results!!

John Patrick

Have been working with epic for a few years now. The results have been great ! The service from epic is outstanding! Thank you epic

Ellen Papoulakos

online success. They offer a multifaceted approach to online success which includes, great responsive tech support, email marketing programs and a toolbox that helps us to hone in on our strategies at especially busy times. We are a large established family florist with 5 shops and Epic provides the technical products and the human support that is hard to beat. We recommend them without reservation.

Dogs for Better Lives

epicShop’s expertise in SEO optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads management was instrumental in boosting Dogs for Better Live's web traffic, overall donations, and email acquisition. Rachel and Brandon were both excellent resources to collaborate with and truly committed to our national nonprofit's mission.

Charlotte Nuessle

Brandon was kind, skillful and helpful in consulting about revising my website. He's a great person to do business with!


Brandon and his team did a great job on my website for my business! The finished project looks very cool and professional. I had a rough idea of the look and copy that I wanted my website to have, but having never personally created a website before (and not knowing the technical side of website development), I really didn’t know where to start. I have a very basic business, so I didn’t need anything fancy. I was pleased to learn that Epic Shops’ fees were quite reasonable and suited my needs very well. I’m very pleased with the finished product and I wholeheartedly recommend Brandon and his team to others who are in need of a website.

Fiddler's Green Golf Center

EpicShops has helped us take our website to the next level. They have taken the time to help us solve some very unique situations that others simply could not. Their communication and creativity make them the best out there. We will continue to use them for all of our web development needs. Thanks guys!

Barbara Wilson

Epic Websites are awesome! Brandon and his team are great to work with..

Skirting World

Can't recommend this company enough, Brandon especially. Great service and very knowledgeable!

Texas Cyclesport

I really got to thank you and Brandon. You did an EXCELLENT job! Along with the videos - that really helps.

Helen Halloran

I've been very happy with my Web site from Epic. The customer service is excellent also and they are always thinking of new ways to improve my experience. I don't hesitate to recommend Epic if you are a florist looking for a great website.